Sustainability – How is go-e committed to the environment?

Short overview

  • Resource-saving packaging: transport and product packaging including inlays made completely from recycled cardboard (no separate plastic packaging required)
  • longer product life for HOME series chargers due to integrated, partly future-oriented functions (basic version = fully equipped) as well as updateability
  • 100 percent green electricity for production/administration at the headquarters in Feldkirchen
  • Printing of all print products on recycled or environmental paper
  • CO2-neutral product shipping (via UPS)
  • Company fleet consists 100 % of electric vehicles
  • go-e supports employees in their private transition to e-mobility (promotion of the purchase of a vehicle and a charging station)
  • Distinct recyclability of the go-e products (due to the materials used and easy dismantling)
  • Support of sustainable projects for every go-eCharger sold (2019: WWF protects the rainforest in South America)
  • go-e sets itself the goal of achieving CO2-neutrality by 2025

What does go-e do for the environment

As a young green-tech company, the implementation of sustainable processes is particularly important for us at go-e. With already implemented and planned measures, we want to contribute to achieving and exceeding the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. This is a Herculean task, but we know from the Corona crisis that it can be achieved if all people and companies contribute their respective economically feasible share to significantly reduce global CO2 emissions. That is why go-e has set itself the goal of achieving CO2 neutrality by 2025.

go-eCharger HOMEfix zum Laden von Elektroautos auf dem Parkplatz der go-e GmbH.

Mobility and production with 100 percent green electricity

An important starting point for the reduction of carbon dioxide is complete independence from fossil fuels. In terms of mobility, go-e therefore relies on e-mobility as expected. Our vehicle fleet is fully electrified. In our view, plug-in hybrids are a dead end. We support our colleagues with one-time and monthly grants to help them switch to an electric car and a charging station from go-e in their private lives. The electricity for our vehicles is generated 100 percent from green power. In production, administration and development at our headquarters in Feldkirchen, we also rely entirely on sustainable electricity.

Environmentally friendly use of resources from development through production to dispatch

In our fast-moving world, many innovative devices are quickly caught up by technical development. go-e has taken this fact into account from the very beginning to significantly extend the product life of the go-eCharger HOME+ and go-eCharger HOMEfix. All common equipment features and future-oriented functions (such as load balancing) are already integrated into the chargers, which is why the basic version is always fully equipped. Because the charging stations of go-e can be updated via WLAN, further developments can be retrofitted to meet growing future requirements. A technology-based exchange of a go-e charger is therefore not necessary. Thus, go-e places responsibility for the environment before profit orientation.

In order to continuously reduce go-e’s footprint, we will continue to work towards making our production processes even more efficient in terms of energy use and will reorganize our supply chains to meet the CO2 targets.

go-e prints all print products on recycled or environmental paper. The packaging of our products is also made of recycled cardboard. The inlays protect the packaged devices against slipping or scratching without the usual plastic bags or parts. With the shipping service provider UPS, we implement a CO2-neutral product shipping, which we also strive to achieve for our other logistics partners.

Climate protection through the revival of resources

The useful life of a long-lasting product also ends at some point. That is why go-e has paid attention to recyclability during product development. This applies both to the choice of materials and the possibility of separating them easily during dismantling.

The behaviour of go-e and its employees is increasingly subordinated to a goal: Future generations should have the same opportunities as ourselves within a society that values the environment. go-e therefore continuously implements further climate-related measures within the framework of its financial performance. For CO2 footprints that cannot be prevented due to their specific nature, go-e will continue to support sustainable projects in the future (2019: protection of the rainforest in South America by the WWF) in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero on the balance sheet.