The mobile wallbox charger of go-e. Intelligent charging everywhere!

Elektroautladegerät Wallbox go-e Charger

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Plug & Play

Plug in and load. The go-eCharger is the first wallbox which will be a mobile charger with a minimum of effort. This is ensured by the included wall bracket. Due to the CEE connection, the charging box is also fully Plug & Play capable and via the adapters you get electricity from the most sockets in EU. Thereby there is no destination too far away also on holidays.


With the App you are having your charging box fully under control. Regardless of whether you want to check your charging history, set the times for charging, adjust the current level, or simply start and stop charging – the app will run at any time and from (almost) anywhere. Of course charging can also be personalized. Rather yellow than blue LEDs or completely dark? No problem. The setting knob can also be switched off, just in case.


Stay connected to your go-eCharger.
With the integrated WLAN you can access your wallbox via home network, from the Internet or directly with your cellphone via hotspot.

Electricity price exchange

Imagine you`re charging your car and getting money for it!
The go-eCharger is not only very cheap, but also helps you save money. With the connection to electricity price exchange and a smart-meter you get the price with which the electricity is traded on the electricity price exchange and this is considerably cheaper in the nights than e.g. in the evening. In some cases, there is even so much power in the electric supply mains that network operators pay for it to be removed. No joke!

This is not only ecologically but also economically very useful.


As small as the go-eCharger is, it´s a sly old dog.
Inside the charging box we have installed almost everything that makes charging safer. This means that all three phases are continuously monitored, a DC fault detection with Type B characteristics ensures that no dangerous leakage currents can occur, and sophisticated electronics protects your car and the go-eCharger from damage in the event that it was installed in a completely wrong way.

Typ 2

Don´t fancy calbe clutters anymore? We also did not.
The type 2 cable always close to hand in the car is now not necessarily a real enrichment for the trunk. Even worse if two of its kind are there. For this reason we have integrated a type 2 socket for the go-eCharger. So the box takes hardly space in the car and you can simply use your cable, which is anyway enclosed.


Thanks to the existing electronics, many other innovative ideas can be implemented and we are constantly working on futher development. How convenient, that you can simply upload them on the wallbox by remote maintencance. So you are very well prepared for the future!



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