About Us

In the beginning there was our affinity for eMobility. It was the ignition for an idea. In 2015 we called this idea go-e GmbH – a fast growing company with 18 enthusiastic employees.

What unites us is the focus on sustainable action for the benefit of future generations. A responsibility that inspires us to be mindful of the planet’s resources. The degree of recycling in go-e products very high. That’s almost ePhilosophy … The go-e success story in short:

We develop our future-oriented products according to the latest quality criteria and market trends.

Our environmentally friendly production, the economical use of raw materials and energy, and the avoidance of waste are the core of our work.

Our corporate purpose: to create sustainable value in the field of eMobility.

Our vision: long-term stable market presence with our innovations, brands and technologies – to be a leading company in the European e-mobility environment by 2020.

Product portfolio


Our main product is the go-eCharger HOME+ for charging e-vehicles. Outstanding user-oriented functions and cost-oriented technology make the go-eCharger HOME+ currently the price and technology leader on the European market.

While the go-eCharger HOME+ is designed for the B2C market, go-e will be able to offer optimal solutions for the B2B, public and semi-public sector with a permanently installable charger (PRO version) and a charging station (Public version) presumably mid of 2019.

With the Smart Home module for photovoltaic integration, intelligent load management and a wide range of component parts such as cables and fuse blocks, charging eVehicles is already extremely user-friendly.

In addition to the charging boxes, go-e continues to develop and manufacture the ONwheel, a very lightweight friction roller drive for gearing up standard bicycles.