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15. – 17.05. 2019
Power2drive, München


25. 05. 2019
E-Mobilitätstag, Melk


21. – 23. 06. 2019
Ionica, Zell am See


10. – 15. 09. 2019
IAA / New Mobility World, Frankfurt am Main


28. – 29.09. 2019
E-Mobility Play Days, Spielberg


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Professional charging station with premium functions

The go-eCharger PRO is our stationary wallbox, developed for public and semi-public charging. The Charger is designed for use in multi-storey car-parks, but also ideally suited for public parking areas and the private sector. During development, special emphasis was placed on user-friendliness and an extensive range of services for a standard premium functional equipment.



The Quick-Change-System allows you to change the Box in case of damage, by your own and without an expert.



We are using the OCPP standard exchange of data for billing and monitoring. The version used is 1.6 JSON

LCD Display

You have the option to select a high resolution 5″ display for detailed information and a visualised user interface.

go-eCharger 22kW

Fast charging…

… with up to 22kW AC is already standard at public charging stations. This allows you to charge up to 10 times faster than at your household power outlet. Why be satisfied with less?

High Performance Plastic

The extremely shock resistant material is a perfect fit for all the usual and unusual conditions the box is exposed daily.


RCD Type B Charakteristic

All three-phase go-eChargers are already equipped with a RCD with DC current detection, which saves high costs when retrofitting the house electrics.




Each box offers the possibility to create and manage up to 10 accounts. So you can not only authorize access to charges, but also control, evaluate and even export them as CSV files.


Stay connected to your go-eCharger.
With the integrated WLAN, you can access your wallbox via the home network, the internet or directly from your mobile phone via hotspot.


No matter if you want to check your charging history, set charging times, adjust the current on the device, or just start and stop charging, the free app gives you full control!


The go-eCharger already has the highest functionality. Nevertheless, many more useful ideas can be implemented and we are constantly working on further development. How convenient that the box can simply be updated via the internet and app. This way you are well prepared for the future!

go-eCharger Strompreisbörse

Electricity exchange

The go-eCharger is not only extremely inexpensive to buy, it also helps you to save money. With our partners from aWATTar and a smart meter electricity meter you get the price as it is traded on the electricity price exchange and this is considerably cheaper at night than e.g. in the evening. Often the electricity surplus is so high that the electricity price is even negative.



Wallbox Ladekontrolle

Charge limiter

You can charge for free at work or at the supermarket? Great, then limit the charge at home and charge the rest cheaper.

Ladebox Timer

Charging timer

With the charging timer and a night power rate, additional costs can be saved. Simply set the charging start and unburden your wallet and the power supply.

go-eCharger Smarthome

Smart Home

“Alexa! Ask my wallbox: is the charging finished?” Not only load management and photovoltaics can be integrated into the Smart Home network. Thanks to the WLAN connection there are always new possibilities to use your go-eCharger.

22kw go-e ev charger api

Open for all inquiries

With the go-eCharger you get a system with an open interface (API). This is particularly interesting if you want to connect your own applications, such as a PV system. This ensures that more and more manufacturers can combine their devices with the go-Charger.

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There is no ideal wallbox, just as there is no ideal human being. What is too colourful for one person is too light for another. That’s why you cannot only create user accounts, but also customize details in the box individually.


photovoltaik wallbox


A key aspect of the new mobility is energy generation. Many buildings are already equipped with photovoltaics and new ones are being added every day. Great that the go-eCharger can use surplus electricity purposively from your own plant.

go-eCharger Phasenerkennung

Phase recognition

The go-eCharger checks all phases before and after the contactor and thus offers maximum safety for charging equipment and vehicle.

go-eCharger Lastmanagement

Load management…

… so you don’t run out of lights at home.

If you want to charge quickly, you need a lot of electricity. Most households have a connection to make full use of the go-eCharger’s performance. But what if more large consumers or a second electric vehicle have to be charged at the same time? The go-eCharger also impresses here with its load management capability.



Calibrated electricity meter (MID)

The optional available electricity meter allows you, in combination with OCPP, an accurate energy monitoring.


Weather proofed

Whether garden hose or downpour, with protection class IP54, the go-eCharger defies all adverse weather conditions. Even hail cannot harm the extremely robust housing.