"The best way to predict the future ist to create it"
Malcom X


go-e is the invitation to move electrically. e-mobility is our drive, our core competence is charging technology for electric cars. From the individual charging station and photovoltaic connections to load balancing of entire buildings, we offer comprehensive system solutions for all requirements of modern e-mobility.


Charging stations and charging technology for electric cars

Future-proof, smart charging station – for private and business use. The go-eCharger can be used to charge any electric car registered in Europe. It is particularly comfortable to handle and integrates many additional benefits.

Change for the future

In the spirit of e-mobility, we are united by our passion for electric driving and our passion for shaping our future in a more ecological and sustainable way. 

At go-e, the preservation of an intact environment and the associated concept of sustainability are particularly important to us. Therefore we take care to use recyclable materials in our production.



Upgrade kit for bicycles

Extremely lightweight bicycle retrofit kit that provides tailwind. The motor can be used individually and when required: Performance is only released when assistance is desired.

go-e thinks about tomorrow

Further development and the future of our environment are at the centre of our attention. For go-e it is particularly important to take responsibility: Ecologically, economically and socially sustainable actions are continuously lived by us.

Apps for all devices

Modify or check detailed settings – particularly convenient via app.

Screenshot go-e App für Smartphones für E-Auto Ladestation go-eCharger HOME+

What our customers say

The box is the perfect solution. It is firmly attached to the wall and looks just great and can be taken when needed and used as a mobile charging solution. I have already successfully loaded my ZOE several times, sometimes with 10A and one phase (PV usage) and if it should go fast also with 16A and then with three phases - great box and for me the perfect nice looking solution.

Sebastian Z.

Among many other things, the go-eCharger is integrated into the home automation system to load everything that is left over from photovoltaics into the electric car. It was a breeze with the published API and wireless connectivity. Congratulations on this great product and the perfect approach with the published API.

Martin S.

The charger meets my expectations, price-performance is ok. The theft protection is very, very cheap solved. I think that you can achieve an improvement with little effort.

Hans-Joachim S.

Unbeatable value for money! Easy and cheap installation! Ingenious, what the handy and mobile thing can do!

Karl S.

I am the proud owner of a Zoe. So far, I have only charged on a 11kW charging station. Charging a full 22kW with the little go-eCharger is a completely different experience. Works great. The app is self-explanatory and sufficient for the moment. You can see how big the current charging power is and look at the amount of charge per key. If you can incorporate that later into a power control system, so much the better. I'm very satisfied!

Ekkehard O.

I have not regretted the decision for this charging station. It works flawlessly, the wireless connection went smoothly. It hangs with me in the garage and with the adapters I am prepared for all situations when needed. I wonder what features are still developed in the software. Absolute buy recommendation. The delivery time should be reduced as soon as possible ...

Franz-Josef F.

The installation and commissioning worked without problems. The connection to the internet is absolutely stable and free from interruptions. All functions flawless. I can recommend the go-eCharger unrestrictedly.

Philipp B.