Tailwind for your bike

Support on demand, power at the push of a button

Enjoy your bike! With ONwheel, an extremely lightweight bike motor that assists on request. The perfect symbiosis of bicycle and e-bike for retrofitting.

Easy handling

With the friction roller drive, which acts directly on the rear wheel, the ONwheel is Plug & Play capable. Because of the system developed by us, the motor can be removed from the bicycle with one hand grip. Therefore you decide before every ride whether you want to go on tour with or without an engine. The one-time installation of the kit is very simple and takes only a few minutes.

The ONwheel bicycle motor from go-e offers an electric range of up to 120 km.
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  • Diamond roller for a particularly long longevity.
  • Quieter operation due to new electronics.
  • New pressure regulation for even better grip of the friction roller to the rear wheel.

Power at the touch of a button

An essential difference to most existing systems is that the engine is used only when needed: power at the push of a button. Thanks to the ONwheel, the engine performance is released only on request. If the ONwheel is inactive, it doesn’t touch the rear wheel – therefore: no additional tire abrasion. So the tires last longer and the driving feeling remains to 100%. Drive control: The desired power level is set with the power buttons directly on the handlebar.

Fast assembly

The ONwheel can be mounted on most standard bicycles. If a stand mounting plate is available on the bike, the retrofit motor can be mounted in no time. On average, 20 minutes are required to install the kit.

Free APP

The ONwheel app provides customization and predefined power: it allows to set with how much power, and up to what speed you want to be assisted. Very useful, if you want to drive without support on flat roads but want the ONwheel to support you on the mountain.

Leightweight and compact

At 930 g the ONwheel is a real lightweight. Nevertheless, the bicycle engine brings a considerable performance on the road. It is so compact that you hardly notice it under the bottom bracket.

Suitable for all road conditions

Over stick and stone or on asphalt, the ONwheel is suitable for all road conditions. Rain affects the ONwheel just as little as gravel roads. Due to the non-slip roller cover, the slippage is very low even with moist leaves or mud.

Setting the power

The engine is delivered with 250 watts, according to the rules of the Road Traffic Regulation. However, this can be adapted depending on the country and there permissible power / maximum speed: An unlock function ensures that the engine power is selectable up to 600 watts. For example, 600 W at 25 km / h are permitted in Austria.

Charging technology and retrofit bicycle kit

Advantages of ONwheel over other systems

  • Plug & Play for extremely fast change between bicycles
  • Low overall weight of 3,200 g
  • High theft protection due to lockable battery
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Self-assembly possible for over 80% of all bikes
  • Easy adaptation to personal needs
  • App for Android and iOS
  • Extremely robust
  • Very silent

Disadvantages over other systems

  • Slightly higher tire wear
  • Lower efficiency at low speeds compared to mid-engine

Become a test driver now!

Are you planning a really extraordinary tour that you document? Want to test the ONwheel for your YouTube Channel or Blog? Then apply now as an ONwheel test driver with a link to your blog or channel or a description of your tour.