Tailwind for your bike

ONwheel: Lightweight e-bike alternative supports when needed

With the ONwheel you experience your bike in a completely new way. The reasonably priced friction roller drive for electric retrofitting of standard bicycles supports you with additional power at the push of a button. Its low total weight makes your bike a light and sustainable e-bike alternative. Therefore, with the ONwheel you can master longer distances and occasional climbs effortlessly. Even with the engine switched off, you will feel neither its weight nor any driving resistance. 

Easy to install - simple to operate

The friction roller drive, which directly affects the rear wheel, is Plug & Play capable: Before the first ride, the ONwheel Kit must be mounted once on the bike. The assembly steps can be easily completed in about 20 minutes. Afterwards, the motor can be removed from the bike at any time with one simple movement. So before each ride you decide for yourself whether you want to go on tour with or without the motor. During the ride you simply set the desired assistance at the push of a button. Furthermore, the ONwheel App offers additional ease of use.

The ONwheel bicycle motor from go-e offers an electric range of up to 120 km.

Now quieter, more durable, comfortable and easier to install

  • Diamond-coated friction roller for particularly long lifetime
  • Quieter operation due to silentDrive electronics
  • Easier contact pressure adjustment for better grip of the friction roller on the rear wheel

Power at the touch of a button

The ONwheel is designed as a pedelec system and thus complies with the legal requirements in the EU. But while many other systems can only be moved with a lot of muscle power without a motor switched on, with the ONwheel Kit you are always light-footed on the road. At the push of a button, the bike motor delivers the desired power and transmits this via the friction roller to the rear wheel. The power level can be adjusted directly on the handlebars using the Power Buttons. If the motor is inactive, the friction roller flips away and releases the rear wheel. Thanks to the low total weight, you retain 100% pure riding feeling even without electric assistance.

Fast assembly

The ONwheel Kit can be fitted to most standard bikes in an average of 20 minutes. If the bike has a kickstand mounting plate, you can easily install the retrofit motor even in no time at all.

Free APP

With the ONwheel App, the system information of the ONwheel Kit can be monitored and, among other things, force and speed of the power stages can be individualized.

Leightweight and compact

With 930 g the ONwheel motor is a real lightweight. Nevertheless, the bike motor delivers a remarkable performance on the road. At the same time it is hardly noticeable under the bottom bracket due to its compact design. The total weight of all ONwheel components is only 3.2 kg, which is an advantage both when riding and when carrying over steps.

Suitable for all road conditions

Over rough and smooth or on asphalt: the ONwheel is suitable for all road conditions. In rain, the retrofit engine provides support just as reliably as on gravel roads. Due to the very grippy roller covering, slip is very low even in damp leaves or mud.

Setting the power

The ONwheel is delivered with a power of 250 watts and a speed of 25 kilometres per hour. Therefore it may be operated in accordance with the rules of the road traffic regulations in all European countries. However, in some countries a higher power/maximum speed is permitted. Therefore, these can be unlocked up to 600 W / 45 km/h via the ONwheel App. In Austria, for example, 600 W at 25 km/h are permitted.

Charging technology and retrofit bicycle kit

Advantages of ONwheel over other systems

  • Plug & Play for extremely fast change between bicycles
  • Low overall weight of 3,200 g
  • High theft protection due to lockable battery
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Self-assembly possible for over 80% of all bikes
  • Easy adaptation to personal needs
  • App for Android and iOS
  • Extremely robust
  • Very silent

Disadvantages over other systems

  • Slightly higher tire wear (hardly measurable)
  • Torque cannot be changed by gear shifting
  • Not suitable for operation in salty water

Become a test driver now!

Are you planning a really extraordinary tour that you document? Would you like to test the ONwheel for your YouTube channel or blog? Then apply now as an ONwheel test rider with a link to your blog or channel or a description of your tour.