Survey on e-mobility
Your attitude interests us!

Do you already drive a pure electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid, or do you plan to purchase a corresponding vehicle in the next two years? If you can answer this question with “yes”, we would like to know more about your individual attitude and future ideas regarding e-mobility. Why? We would like to align the functions of the go-e products and our service even better with your expectations.

Therefore we ask you to answer the following questions. This will take about three minutes. We would like to thank you in advance for your time. All information you provide will of course remain anonymous. go-e will inform you about the results of the survey in an issue of the newsletter.

*An energy management system controls all connected devices systematically according to the amount of electricity available (grid power and/or electricity from the building’s own PV system), which optimizes the building’s energy efficiency. Electricity is used in an economically and ecologically sensible way according to individual needs. At the same time, the house connection never overloads.

Many thanks for your participation!