Clarification due to likelihood of confusion: go-e GmbH and e.GO Mobile AG

Vollausgestattete Ladestation go-eCharger HOME+ liegt auf Holztisch.

As a manufacturer of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, we, the Austrian go-e GmbH, have no connection with the German electric car manufacturer e.GO Mobile AG. These are two completely different companies. However, due to the similar wording of the companies go-e and e.Go, confusion may occasionally occur.

Insolvency proceedings were opened for the assets of e.GO Mobile AG in July 2020. We as go-e GmbH are of course not affected by this. The demand for our smart wallboxes (for stationary or mobile use) is continuously increasing, which is why we are further expanding our production capacities. We would be very pleased to welcome you as a satisfied customer.

Your team of the go-e GmbH