Cloud performance no longer restricted – go-eCharger can be operated via WiFi again

Elektroautoladestation go-eCharger HOME+

Dear customers,

Unfortunately, we currently have a problem with the cloud for go-e charging stations. As a result, go-eChargers cannot currently be operated via the internet, or only with very long response times. Our IT department is working closely with the cloud provider to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, we have to ask for a little patience.

The go-eCharger can still be controlled via the app using the integrated hotspot. We kindly ask you to make use of this option until we have solved the problem with the cloud.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the disruption and would like to apologise for this.

go-e team

Update from 03.02.2021: The cloud has been running stably again since yesterday. However, we will monitor the status and work on more reliable new solutions at the same time.