Problems with the cloud – have been fixed

Electric car charging station go-eCharger HOME+

Dear customers,

Unfortunately we currently have a problem with the cloud for our charging stations. This means that go-eCharger currently can’ t be operated via the Internet. Our technicians have been busy since this morning identifying the cause to fix the problem. Unfortunately, we have to ask for patience in this regard as the problem is not as easy to resolve as we initially thought.

The go-eCharger can still be controlled via the app using the integrated hotspot. We kindly ask you to make use of this possibility until we have solved the problem with the cloud.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem and would like to apologise for it.

Update 22.09.2020:
Unfortunately, the problem with the cloud could not be solved comprehensively by us so far. If the cloud should temporarily work in your case, then probably only unreasonably slowly. According to the current status, this is due to a performance problem of the servers of our cloud provider. We are therefore in close contact with this provider in order to be able to offer you the comfort you are accustomed to as quickly as possible.

Update 24.09.2020:
We have good news about the Cloud – the close cooperation with our provider is finally crowned with success. The performance problems have been resolved – the cloud is responding at its usual speed again. Now you should be able to operate your go-eCharger with the app from anywhere in the world again.

We would like to apologise once again for the lengthy disruption and inconvenience caused. We really regret that you had to wait several days for a solution to the problem.