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Charging technology for e-mobility

Man stands next to go-eCharger HOME+, which can charge an electric car with up to 22 kW.

go-eCharger HOME+ and HOMEfix

Fully equiped charging station for electric cars

The go-eCharger HOME+ is a wallbox for electric cars that can be installed at home in no time at all and can be turned into a mobile charging station even faster. The charger is equipped with a premium range of functions as standard, which in “comparable” products is often only integrated in high-priced device variants. A comprehensive security package is also included. Nevertheless, the charging station is extremely compact and therefore universally applicable.With the go-eCharger HOME + you can charge anywhere, at every socket and every electric car. The charging station is therefore a flexible alternative to a permanently installed wallbox, such as our go-eCharger HOMEfix.

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High quality charging cables from go-e are available in 3 lengths.

Type 2 cables, adapters, more accessories

Practical charging equipment for every situation

With accessories from go-e, you gain additional flexibility as a driver of a purely electric car or plug-in hybrid in combination with a go-eCharger from the HOME series as well as with other charging stations for EVs. This guarantees even more fun when driving electrically.

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Man next to wallbox go-eCharger PRO in an underground car park.

go-eCharger PRO

Professional wallbox for parking operators and apartment buildings

The go-eCharger PRO* is our wallbox for public and semi-public charging of electric cars. The Charger is designed for use in multi-storey or underground car parks as well as outdoor parking areas. In addition to many security features, the functional scope includes, for example, extended communication interfaces for flexible location selection, back-end software or load balancing. The calibrated electricity meter** enables billing processes and the touch display** offers additional comfort – also for private users. During development, special emphasis was placed on user-friendliness.

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* currently under development
** available optionally

go-eController for dynamic load balancing and smart energy management of entire buildings.


More convenient charging using PV electricity

The go-eCharger can already be connected to a photovoltaic system via the open API interface (programming required). The go-eController* makes it even easier to use surplus electricity efficiently for your own needs. This significantly reduces the payback time of the PV system.

* currently under development