go-e charging cables, adapters and other accessories

Sophisticated extras for every charging situation

With practical accessories from go-e, all pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids can be conveniently charged in combination with a go-eCharger or another charging station for EVs. The ingenious extras guarantee full flexibility and even more electric driving pleasure. Below is a small selection – you can find even more accessories and further information on the go-e Shop.

Adapter cables for go-eCharger HOME+ 11/22 kW

Off on holiday or a short visit to relatives or friends and no charging station nearby? No problem with the go-eCharger HOME+. Unplug the wallbox at home in just a few seconds, put it in the car and the journey can begin. When you arrive at your destination, connect the plug of the charging station directly to a suitable red CEE socket or plug it into another red/blue CEE socket using a go-e adapter. The wallbox is immediately ready to charge the vehicle again. A corresponding adapter is also available for domestic sockets, which provides even more flexibility.

Depending on the maximum charging power of the go-eCharger HOME+ (11/22 kW), the corresponding original adapters should be used. The automatic adapter recognition offers additional convenience. Available separately on the go-e Shop or from many dealers and even cheaper as a set.

Type 2 cables – compatible with all type 2 charging stations

The high-quality go-e type 2 cable is suitable for charging all pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids with type 2 plug, which is standard in Europe. The perfect complement to the go-eCharger HOME+ and HOMEfix (11 kW / 22 kW), especially if no charging cable was supplied with the vehicle. The type 2 cable from go-e can also be connected to all other charging stations with a type 2 socket (e.g. in public areas) and thus guarantees optimal charging comfort with a maximum charging power of 32 A at home and on the road. It is also ideal as a second cable if a charging cable is to be permanently stuck in the go-eCharger at home. Depending on personal habits, you can choose between a go-e type 2 cable in lengths of 2.5 metres, 5 metres or 7.5 metres.

7.4 kW type 2 to type 1 cable

The type 1 plug is hardly used in Europe, but is common for some models in Asia. Occasionally, some of these vehicles also find their way to us. With the type 2 to type 1 adapter cable, these electric cars can also be flexibly charged at a go-eCharger HOME+ and HOMEfix (11 kW / 22 kW) or all other charging stations with a type 2 socket. Simply insert the type 2 plug of the cable into the charging socket of the charger, then connect the other plug of the cable to the car. The cable enables singlephase charging up to a maximum of 7.4 kW (at 230 V/32 A). With a cable length of 5 metres, even larger distances between the car and the wallbox can be easily overcome.

RFID tags/ additional wall bracket

Each go-eCharger has an RFID function that enables personalised use for up to 10 different users. In this case, access to the charger and the release of charging processes takes place via RFID tags, which can be registered using the app. All charging processes of a driver are then assigned to the corresponding user account. In this way, they can be individually evaluated despite the shared use of a charger by different family members, neighbours or employees of a company. (One RFID tag is already included in the scope of delivery of all go-eChargers).

If the go-eCharger HOME+ is taken on a trip and is regularly used for charging at the same locations (e.g. at a second residence), an additional wall bracket is almost a requirement. Simply remove the charger from the wall bracket at home and click it into the second wall bracket at your destination in a few simple steps. This way, the charging station also has its proper place outside the domestic walls.