Troubleshooting go-eCharger HOME+ and HOMEfix

Do you need support to solve a problem during the operation of your go-eCharger? The following troubleshooting guide will give you solutions for some conceivable problems.

Troubleshooting guide

  • The charger doesn't charge anymore, what can I do?

    When the charger stops operating and the LEDs no longer light up:

    1. Check the fuse on the back of the charger and replace it if necessary.
    2. Check the fuse and the RCD in the fuse box.
    3. Test the charger at another power outlet.
    4. Check that the cable is fully inserted and locked in the charger.
  • Type 2 cable is blocked.
    1. If the type 2 cable is not unlocked after stoping the charging-progress or can’t be detached from the go-e Charger: Please check in your app that the “cable unlock” function is not set to “always locked”.
    2. If that is not the case, make sure that the type 2 cable is fully inserted (up to the stop) into the charger. Then disconnect the charger from the socket and connect it again. The cable should be unlocked after 60 seconds at the latest.
  • Car does not charge at full power.

    The car’s battery is either near to full or too cold. Therefore the charging capacity is automatically limited.

  • Error analysis using colour codes - What do the colours of the LED ring mean?

    Please note that the Standard settings of the LEDs are described below!

    LED ring lights up in rainbow colours = charger is booting up. If the charger does not come out of this mode, the WLAN signal may be disturbed. Remove possible sources of interference (e.g. devices with WLAN mesh network)

    LEDs light up yellow = Car is connected, does not charge.

    LEDs light up blue/white = Charger has to be activated (via RFID or App).

    4 LEDs light red (3, 6, 9, 12 o’clock) = Norway mode. Ground detection disabled.

    LEDs light up green = charging process completed.

    5 LEDs light green on top = taught-in RFID chip has been detected

    5 LEDs light up red on top = unknown RFID chip

    LEDs light up red at the top, pink at the bottom = RCD has detected an error. The charger has detected a residual current >= 6 mA and goes to fault. To acknowledge the fault, press restart in the app or unplug and plug the go-eCharger in and out. If necessary, the charging current can be reduced, but also check the used socket.

    LEDs flash red = General error, please look at the error code in the app

    LEDs light blue/red = phase error. Check supply line, possibly only 2 phases are present. Please test at another socket. If no function occurs, please send the charger in.

    LEDs flash red at the top and light up static yellow/green at the bottom = ground fault. Please check the grounding of the supply line, if necessary test at another socket.

    hold reset card to charger = whole circle must light up red, if only 5 LEDs on top light up red, then the reset card has not been taught.

  • Why is my RFID card not recognized?
    1. The card has not yet been taught.
    2. Due to the use of an incorrect frequency. Une a chip/card with the right frequency of 13.56 MHz.
  • Connection with hotspot is not possible.
    1. Please try to connect via another mobile phone.
    2. If this is not successful, disconnect the charger from the power supply and then reconnect it.
    3. Another option is to reset the charger using the white reset card (included in delivery – reset to factory settings).
  • WLAN displays serial number go-e 000000.
    1. Check the hotspot of the charger “go-e-00xxxx”.
    2. If “go-e-000000” is displayed, please contact support and send photos from the back of the charger as well as from the reset card.
  • Charger does not connect to the home network.
    1. Please make sure that you have entered both the network name and the password correctly (please use upper and lower case). Please also note that the network name (SSID) does not contain any special characters or spaces.
    2. Under the advanced settings in the “Cloud” tab, both options must be selected and saved to gain access to the home network. Avoid being too far away from the router (or access point). The WLAN reception of the charger is best when the charger is facing forwards or to the right of the router or access point.
    3. The go-e charger cannot be connected or operated with 5GHz WLAN networks.

You could not solve a problem with your go-eCharger with the help of our troubleshooting guide? Then please contact our support.

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