FAQ ONwheel

Technical questions

  • Can I assemble the ONwheel Kit by myself?

    The ONwheel Kit can normally be easily attached by yourself in a short time. However, if you have any questions or need technical support, please contact our support team or your specialist dealer.

  • How far is a battery charge?​

    Basically, the ONwheel offers active cyclists additional power on certain sections of the route. The range of the battery charge is therefore mainly dependent on user behaviour. Mathematically, a battery charge of 196 Wh is sufficient for 60 km if you ride the bike continuously with 80 W support. This is of course very theoretical, because in practice many factors are important. The weight and own performance of the rider, tyres and ground or gradients on the track have an influence on the range of a battery charge. If you cycle long climbs with little condition, the battery can be empty after only 7 km. If you are in good shape, the battery will last for well over 60 km, provided that the ONwheel only helps you on one or other incline.

  • Does the engine run if I do not pedal?

    If you want to be electrically assisted by the engine when cycling, you must pedal at least minimally. The ONwheel will stop and the friction roller will fold away from the tire when the pedals stop moving. Only when you start pedalling again does the motor start up again and the friction roller folds onto the tyre. This means that the ONwheel complies with the European pedelec regulation, which means that the bicycle is still considered a bike. In contrast to the e-bike with permanent support, a driving licence, helmet or additional insurance is not required.

  • Can I ride my bicycle normally without the engine turned on?

    The ONwheel is extremely light compared to industrially mounted pedelecs or e-bikes. In addition, the friction roller folds away from the rear wheel when the engine is switched off, which is why there is no driving resistance. Therefore, the bike can be ridden comfortably even without the retrofit motor switched on. Logical: Because the ONwheel is a support for active cyclists who only need electrical assistance in certain situations.

    You want to spare even more weight (around 2.5 kg)? Then leave the motor and battery at home when you don’t need them on a tour. Both can be removed and attached in seconds.

  • Does the ONwheel work in all weather and road conditions?

    The coating of the friction roller ensures a high grip in all situations. Thus the friction roller transmits the power of the engine even in heavy rain, on slushy ground, slippery leaves and uneven paths.

  • Can I use the ONwheel without an app?

    Yes, the retrofit motor for bicycles also works without an app. Each ONwheel Kit includes a power regulator (Power Buttons with + and – buttons) that can be mounted on the handlebars. With this the motor power can be adjusted in four steps from 0 to 100 %. The app provides additional ease of use and further adjustment options:

    • Adjusting the starting speed for smoother friction roller engagement
    • Activation of country-specific power and speed limits
    • Personalization of the power levels
    • Checking the motor parameters
  • Which tire should I use for the ONwheel?

    Regarding the tyres, we recommend that you make sure that there is a continuous track (centre of the tyre profile). We advise against mountain bike tyres with rough centre studs. For a mountain bike we advise a tyre with a continuous centre tread.

  • Do I need stronger brakes when riding the ONwheel?

    The ONwheel only supports up to 25 km/h in the delivery condition. Once this speed is reached, the friction roller folds away. The standard brakes of your bike are completely sufficient, because 25 km/h can be reached by bike even without a motor, and even without much muscle power when going downhill.

  • Is it possible to use the ONwheel on a second bike?

    Motor and battery can be removed and reconnected within a few seconds. Therefore, you can also use both components on a second bicycle. All you need is an additional mounting kit with all other components of the ONwheel Kit, which you attach to the second bike as usual.

  • Can I attach the existing mounting plate or ONwheel Kit to another/new bicycle?

    Provided that the basic mounting requirements are met on the other wheel, the previously used ONwheel can also be mounted on it. ATTENTION: The PAS sensor should always be used on the same side of the bicycle for which it was originally supplied. Otherwise the system will not be able to detect the pedalling process. For example, if the magnetic disc is mounted on the chainring, it should be mounted on the chainring again on the next bicycle. Otherwise the PAS sensor must be modified as described in this manual.

  • Do the tyres wear out faster?

    A small additional tyre wear rate is normal due to the way the ONwheel works. However, when the pressure of the friction roller on the tyres is correctly adjusted and when riding at the maximum power and speed set as standard, this is virtually impossible to detect. Wear on the tyres depends on your personal driving style. Therefore they age at approximately the same time as without ONwheel.

    If you unlock a higher engine power (which is only allowed in some countries), tyre wear will increase.

  • Can the engine be secured?

    The motor cannot be locked. However, it can be removed and taken away within seconds. A motor that is not there is the best protection against theft.

  • Can I protect the battery against theft?

    No worries: the battery can be secured in its holder by an integrated lock.

  • Is the motor usable as a generator?

    With our design, this is not possible for technical reasons.

  • Can Bluetooth (ONwheel models up to 2018) or WLAN be switched off?

    No, that’s not possible. The power consumption of an activated communication interface is so low that the range of the ONwheel is not reduced. It also makes little sense from a radiation point of view, because the ubiquitous mobile radio transmitters mean that you are constantly exposed to much higher radiation than the installed module can generate.

  • Which ONwheel App is right for my engine?

    Currently we deliver the ONwheel with a WLAN module. Therefore please use the ONwheel (WLAN) App. Older models of our retrofit kit were delivered with Bluetooth, so this app is still available in the App Store and on Google Play.

  • How can I unlock the motor?

    If there is no limitation for the engine block in your country (max. 25 km/h and/or 250 W) the engine can be unlocked as follows:

    1. The unlock code from the app (tab “Regional settings”) has to be entered here: http://go-e.bike/unlock/
    2. The issued code needs to be inserted into the app and confirmed.
    3. Then you have to click on “Regional settings” again.
    4. Then the maximum power and speed can be increased up to 600 W and 45 km/h.

Buying decision

  • Can I use the motor on my bike legally?

    The ONwheel is delivered with a power of 250 W and motor support up to max. 25 km/h. It can therefore be legally operated within Europe, as it complies with the rules of the EU pedelec and the road traffic regulations. The ONwheel can also be used legally in most other countries. A higher motor support is enabled via the ONwheel App. To unlock these is only permitted in countries that allow higher power or speed. For example, in Austria it is legal to ride a pedelec with 600 watts.

  • Is there a requirement for type approval for certain pedelecs such as the ONwheel?

    There is no obligation to type approval for certain pedelecs: Since November 9th, 2003, the new EU Directive 2002/24/EC is applied for type approval of two and three-wheeled vehicles in all EU Member States.

    According to Chapter I, Art. 1 (1) of this Directive, a Member State is not allowed to edict an obligation for type approval “for cycles with pedal assistance which are equipped with an auxiliary electric motor having a maximum continuous rated power of 0,25 kW, of which the output is progressively reduced and finally cut off as the vehicle reaches a speed of 25 km/h, or sooner, if the cyclist stops pedaling, nor to the components or technical units thereof unless they are intended to be fitted to vehicles covered by this Directive”.

  • Where can I buy the ONwheel?

    The ONwheel Kit and other accessories are available directly in our go-e web shop. In stationary shops you can currently only obtain the ONwheel from selected specialist dealers.

  • Can I return the ONwheel if it does not fit my bike?

    We estimate that our retrofit drive can be fitted to about 80% of all mid-range bicycles. If the ONwheel does not fit your bike, we will take it back within 14 days. When “trying it out”, please make sure that there are no traces of use left behind. The conditions from our cancellation policy apply. Please note that we have no possibility to take back a used ONwheel kit after 14 days.

  • Where can I test the ONwheel on site?

    Currently the ONwheel is only available at a small number of dealers. However, we are working on an international distribution network. If you are located near our company site, please make a short appointment to test the ONwheel on site. Occasionally you can also test our retrofit engine at trade fairs.

  • Is the ONwheel usefull for mountain tours?

    Basically the ONwheel supports you on the mountain. If you go on short mountain tour every once in a while and you only look for support, the ONwheel will be a good choice. In contrast to mid-engines, where the torque can be adjusted with the gear shift, it is not possible to change the torque with the ONwheel. If you often go on mountain tours and want to be pushed by the engine, you should think about a mid-engine.

  • Where can I find the ONwheel app?

    The app is available for free download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Does the ONwheel fit on my bike?

  • On which bikes is it easiest to install the ONwheel?

    Ideally, your bike should have a bike stand mounting plate, as the mounting plate of the ONwheel can be attached to it in a few easy steps. If your bike has a cross tube behind the bottom bracket instead, you will receive additional mounting material from us, with which the installation can also be carried out.

    In addition, your bike has at the best on the left side at least 5 mm space between the bottom bracket and crank arm. In this case, you can install the magnetic disc for the PAS sensor in a few seconds. If there is not enough space on the left side, a magnetic ring can often be mounted on the chainring side.

    You will find out what a stand mounting plate or a cross tube looks like and what else you need to know about mounting the ONwheel here.

  • Does the ONwheel also work with hub gears with backpedal?

    Yes, a gear shift with a backpedal is no problem, because the engine transmits its power to the tire. Therefore it is not involved in the power transmission of the chain.

  • Can the ONwheel also be mounted with rear suspension?

    This cannot be answered in a general way, as it always depends on the individual suspension. In most cases it is rarely possible to install the ONwheel with a rear suspension. More information can be found under Mounting. If in doubt, please send us a picture of the area between the bottom bracket and the rear wheel (taken from below).

  • Is a chain guard a problem?

    It happens again and again that the retaining plates of the chain guard are in the way of the PAS sensor.  However, if the magnetic disc for the PAS sensor can be mounted on the left side (see Mounting), this is not a problem.

  • Is mounting on a carbon bike possible?

    With a few exceptions, the ONwheel unfortunately cannot be mounted on a carbon bike. Usually there is not enough space between the bottom bracket and rear wheel to attach the mounting plate. In addition, on these bikes the crank arms are so close to the bottom bracket that the sensor holder cannot be mounted.

  • Can I mount the ONwheel to my Brompton bike?

    Unfortunately not, because the assembly on folding bikes is usually not possible.