Troubleshooting for the ONwheel

Do you need support to solve a problem concerning the handling of your ONwheel? Some faults are assembly-related, so you can usually solve them yourself. Also for other conceivable problems you will find helpful instructions for their solution in the following troubleshooting guide.

Before you start troubleshooting, please check that the battery is charged and switched on. Wait at least ten seconds after switching on the battery and then press the “+” button of the Power Buttons several times.


  • The engine can now start when the pedals are moved and the rear wheel turns.
  • In no case intervene in the rotating wheel.
  • Make sure that no clothing gets caught in the engine or rear wheel.
  • Never test the ONwheel in the presence of small children while the bicycle is suspended or upside down.

Troubleshooting guide

  • There is no start signal:
    1. Check the battery. At least two LEDs must light up red.
    2. LEDs go out as soon as the battery is switched on:
      • Please contact the support immediately and stop using the product!
  • There are only irregular start signals:
    1. Please check the motor contacts and clean them under running water if necessary.
    2. If there is no improvement, please contact the technical customer support.
  • There is no more start signal to be heard and no WLAN or Bluetooth is displayed.
    1. Bend the contacts up carefully.
    2. Check the battery for LED lights (if possible, also measure to approx. 22 V).
  • The engine starts, but rarely hits the wheel or only after a certain speed.
    1. The swing arm of the motor could be jammed:
      • Check that the swing arm and the roller are freely movable. It should just feel a slightly springy swing..
    2. Das Startdrehmoment ist möglicherweise zu schwach eingestellt:
    3. The starting torque may be set too low:
      • In order to start up against the tyres, the engine needs sufficient torque when starting. In the settings of the ONwheel App the “starting torque” can be changed/increased. The starting torque in the app should be set to 20 by default. Depending on the design of the bike, the setting can also be increased if the motor does not always start reliably and only turns in neutral.
      • To keep the wear on the rear wheel as minimal as possible when the friction roller is engaged, set the starting torque as low as possible.
  • The engine does not start despite the start signal:

    Open the app and connect to the ONwheel. [If you have an ONwheel with older electronics (up to 2018), the “System Info” must also be opened in the app]. You can use the app to check that the ONwheel is working correctly as described below.

    1. Check PAS sensor: The PAS must change from “off” to “on” when stepping on the pedal. If this is not the case
      • Bring the PAS sensor closer to the magnetic disk or magnetic ring.
      • Check the mounting direction of the PAS-Sensor. It must be attached as described in the operating instructions. It is not possible to use a PAS ordered for the left side on the right side.
      • The LED must light up after you turn on the device and when you step backwards on the pedals. While moving forward the LED should flicker barely perceptibly.
      • If the LED flickers, but the app does not change to PAS “on”, it may help to bend the contacts of the engine a little higher with a fine screwdriver.
    2. Check speed:While pedaling you need to reach at least 6 km/h, under this limit the engine does not start. If the display stays at “0km/h”:
      • Check the Speed Sensor Magnet, which should be at least 10 mm offset on the left or right edge of the sensor (not in the center).
      • Check the sensor cable of the Speed-Sensor. It should not be wrapped around the battery cable.
    3. Check “+” and “-” button: When pressed a “+” or “-” should appear in the app. Otherwise:
      • Check that the motor is properly seated on the bracket. This is the case when the mounting plate on the chain side is flush with the motor.
      • You may have to bend the springs on the motor a little upwards with a small slotted screwdriver.
  • The engine shuts off while riding:
    1. When driving, the motor slips out of the mounting plate to such an extent that it loses contact and switches off.
      • This is usually due to an incorrect mounting of the mounting plate
      • Please check if the mounting plate is slightly lower on the left side than on the right side. You may have to pad the mounting plate on the right side a little.
    2. Check the speed in the app:
      • If the Speed Sensor is mounted at the effective limit, irregular shutdowns may occur, causing an incorrect speed to be detected.
      • Adjust the magnet so that it passes the speed sensor with a maximum distance of 10 mm in the outer third (not in the middle).
    3. Check the PAS in the app while driving:
      • If the distance between the magnetic disk or magnetic ring and the PAS sensor is irregular or borderline high, incorrect measurement results may occur.
      • Bring the PAS sensor closer to the magnetic ring or disc.
    4. The ONwheel shuts off during testing when the rear wheel is in the air.
      • When testing without running resistance, the ONwheel accelerates the rear wheel beyond the maximum speed in less than a second and shuts off automatically.
      • Please check the bike on the road or on a roller trainer.
    5. The motor switches off and does not give a start signal after being switched on again, although it is correctly seated on the mounting plate.
      • There may be a board error. Please contact the technical support.
  • The friction roller of the motor jumps up and down quickly and does not stay on the tyre.
    1. Please try to bend the golden spring contacts on the motor carefully upwards to restore the contact between the mounting plate and the motor.
    2. Please also check the contact pressure. The tyre should only be pressed in slightly when the roller is folded up, but also not slip through.
  • The motor becomes loud and makes grinding noises that were not audible before.
    1. Check whether the motor roller is visibly damaged or displaced.
    2. Also look into the ventilation holes. The ball bearing may be too close to the ventilation holes.
    3. If this is the case, please contact the support.
  • The PAS sensor, the speed sensor or the levels of the power buttons (+ and - buttons) are not recognized in the app.
    1. Please bend the contacts up carefully.
    2. Check the distance of the magnet / magnetic disc according to the mounting instructions.
  • The app does not connect (Bluetooth App until 2018):
    1. Prüfen, ob Bluetooth aktiviert ist.
    2. Check if Bluetooth is enabled.
      • Please tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the app.
      • Select “Connect”.
      • Select ONwheel. The ONwheel logs in with BT or BLE followed by the serial number. The BT device must be used on Android, the BLE device on iOS
    3. Check if the engine has been detected by the mobile phone. To do this, open the Bluetooth settings in the system of the mobile phone. The ONwheel will be displayed with BT or BLE followed by the serial number of the ONwheel.
      • If so, please pair the ONwheel with the phone.
      • If not, please restart the ONwheel and update the display in the phone.
    4. If a code is required, please type in this number combination: 123456.
    5. If the ONwheel does not show up on multiple devices, the Bluetooth adapter may be broken. Please contact the technical support.
  • The app does not connect (WLAN App since 2018 onward):
    1. Open Wi-Fi settings of the phone.
    2. Find the engine hotspot (select the ONwheel serial number).
    3. Open new ONwheel app (WLAN).
  • The motor cannot be connected to the WLAN.
    1. After entering the “Hotspot key” and establishing a WLAN connection, the information “Connected, no Internet” may be displayed. This is completely normal, as there is no Internet via the motor, only WLAN data traffic.
    2. However, if “OFFLINE” is displayed in the ONwheel WLAN app, it helps to deactivate “mobile data” in the smartphone settings so that only one WLAN connection is established.
  • The country settings can not be changed (only for Bluetooth app until 2018):
    1. Please make sure the phone is connected to the ONwheel first.
    2. Touch the three dots in the top right corner.
    3. Select “Regional Settings”.
    4. Please read the text and confirm by ticking.
    5. Select the desired settings.
    6. Enter your e-mail address.
    7. Touch “send”.
    8. Check your emails.
    9. Insert the activation code into the appropriate field.
    10. Tap on “unlock”. The tick and the setting above must still be set.
    11. Upon activation, a short message appears.
  • The country settings cannot be changed (only for WLAN App since 2018):
    1. Please make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the ONwheel (WLAN).
    2. Open the regional settings in the “Settings” tab and enter the Unlock key into the Unlock website.
    3. Insert the requested request key into the app to unlock the change.
    4. Then the maximum power and speed can be selected under “Regional settings”.

You could not solve a problem with your ONwheel with the help of our troubleshooting guide? Then please contact our support.

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