go-eCharger function – electricity price exchange aWATTar

Mit dem go-eCharger Home+ lässt sich das Elektroauto auch mit günstigen Strom der aWATTar Börse laden.

We would like to use the newsletter to describe each function of our charger in more detail. This time we made the electricity price exchange connection with aWATTar. A particularly clever function, as we find.

Because with aWATTar you can save on loading. The go-eCharger decides through the connection to the electricity price exchange and the information on service life and the desired amount of charge in which hours is loaded at best. The account balance but also the environment is happy about that. You can save up to 70% on the energy price with this feature.

The price of electricity is decided by nature. 

Because it is cheaper when it is sunny or windy. The cheaper night rates, it looks a bit different: These come about by the lower demand during these hours.

With tariffs from aWATTar and a smart meter (intelligent electricity meter), the electricity price available on the electricity exchanges is available. This is significantly cheaper, for example, in the night hours than in the evening. But that’s not all: From time to time, there is so much power available in the network that you deserve when you shop. That is, aWATTar pays you to take the power off. The benefits of surplus electricity are not only economical, but also ecologically very elegant.

How does it work? 

Register online at www.awattar.at (or www.awattar.de for Germany). If not already installed: download app for the go-eCharger. And let’s get started: When connected to the Internet, the go-eCharger automatically knows when it’s green and cheap via the aWATTar data interface. And that already the day before. At 2 pm aWATTar announces the prices for the next day. These are data from the EPEX Spot® Power Exchange. The data is transmitted in a machine-readable form by means of the electricity price API. Automatically charge solar and wind energy.

The use of this feature is now also possible in Germany and in the go-eCharger App selectable. Please contact us at any time if registration is required.

Review: Vienna Autoshow 2019

Großes Interesse an den Produkten der go-e GmbH für Elektroautos und Fahrräder auf der Vienna Autoshow 2019.

From 9th to 13th January the Vienna Autoshow 2019 took place, at which we were also represented with a stand. Dealers showed great interest in e-mobility: around 40 % of dealer enquiries related to e-mobility. E-technically there was not much that was new at the Autoshow. Only a few new cars were presented in this area: At the Austrian premiere of the new electric models from Hyundai and Kia, visitor interest was very high. The Elektro-Kona and the e-Niro were presented here. It was remarkable that Tesla was also represented with its own stand and presented, among other things, the Model 3. Of course there was a special rush of visitors.

As expected, the number of visitors to the e-mobility area, which was represented for the first time at the Vienna Autoshow, was high. The well-informed audience gathered information and suggestions on all possible topics related to electric mobility. Above all, photovoltaics was an exciting subject area for which go-e offers interesting solutions.

We had discussions during all five exhibition days with customers, partners and interested parties. We were very pleased about the numerous visitors. The next fair, at which go-e will also exhibit again, will be Cyclingworld in Düsseldorf from 23rd to 24th March. There we are represented with the ONwheel and are pleased naturally again about active visitor interest.

We wish you a good e-drive,

your team from go-e