Current charging technology from go-e at Vienna Autoshow 2020

From 16 to 19 January 2020, the charging technology producer go-e will present the current highlights from its own product portfolio at Austria’s largest motor show. Visitors of the Vienna Autoshow will receive at the booth all information about the charging box go-eCharger HOME+ and matching accessories. The company will also report about the charging station go-eCharger PRO, which is about to be launched in the next months, and the go-eController, a device for smart energy management. The ONwheel, a motor for the electrical retrofitting of bicycles, can also be inspected on site. At the moment, charging technology from the Austrian manufacturer is mainly used by private consumers, on company parking lots of smaller companies or in car workshops. The next generation of go-e charging solutions also meets the more extensive requirements of parking garage operators and property managers, among others. The go-e booth at the Vienna Autoshow is located at Messe Wien within the E-Mobility Area in Hall C.

Always fully equipped – charging station go-eCharger HOME+

The go-eCharger HOME+ is an updatable high-end charging station for home or work. The device allows an individually adjustable charging power up to 22 kW and is Plug&Play capable. It can be attached and detached without an electrician, so the charger can also be used on the move with just a few simple steps. A WLAN module built in as standard and the open API enable intelligent additional functions such as photovoltaic surplus charging, connection to the electricity price exchange and static load balancing. The go-eCharger HOME+ charges electric cars of all manufacturers at almost any European power outlet (if necessary via adapter) and can be conveniently controlled via app. If required, charging can be enabled by RFID chip for authorized users only. Alternatively, the charger is also available with a permanently installed cable as a fixed charging station.

Professional charging on roofed and uncovered parking areas

The go-eCharger PRO is a charging station for all public and semi-public parking areas. In addition to the premium features of the go-eCharger HOME+, it offers further, partly optional features for use in professional environments. These include a customizable backend software, a calibrated MID counter, a 5.5 inch touch display and a permanently installed charging cable. The integrated ultrasonic sensor monitors the parking area and can send collected information via the standard OCPP. Charging processes can also be invoiced via the OCPP. In addition to WLAN, LAN or GSM are offered for data exchange.

go-eController: photovoltaic, load balancing and energy management for entire buildings

When one or more electric cars are being charged and other large electrical consumers such as tumble dryers, dishwashers or industrial machines are in operation at the same time, the mains connection can quickly reach its limits. Therefore go-e is developing a device for intelligent energy management. The go-eController ensures that the building connection is not overloaded by dynamically distributing the available power to associated charging stations and smart as well as conventional devices. Surplus solar power from the building’s own photovoltaic system can be used in a targeted manner, taking into account the price of electricity.

Further information on go-e’s charging and driving technology is available on the Internet at

go-e shows at emove360° charging technology of the next generation

From 15 to 17 October 2019, the e-mobility specialist go-e is going to present at emove360 its latest charging and driving technology as well as new developments nearly ready for the market. At the center of the go-e appearance at the international trade fair in Munich is the Europe-wide sales hit go-eCharger Home +. In addition to this mobile charging station for electric vehicles, the company is going to present the latest version of its ONwheel friction roller drive for the electrical retrofitting of bicycles. The trade fair visitors will also receive fresh information about the new developments go-eCharger PRO und go-eController. With these, the company launches a charging solution inter alia for garage operators and housing companies as well as a smart energy management for everyone.Continue reading

High-end charging technology for e-mobility from a single source

The young Austrian company go-e offers everything related to innovative charging solutions for electromobility, making e-driving more exciting, more comfortable and more efficient. With e-chargers, the possibility of connecting them to the photovoltaic system at home, to the professional application in the business sector, go-e provides a comprehensive overall solution portfolio for modern driving pleasure. And by moving to a larger company building, go-e has also repositioned itself in the growth market of e-mobility.

From startup to innovative actor

Founded in 2015 with a Kickstarter project, go-e started with a bicycle retrofit engine. In the meantime, charging technology in e-mobility has become a core business, and go-e has made a name for itself internationally in no time at all. Around 200 companies belong to the circle of partners and dealers, through which customers across Europe are supplied with the smart devices. The fact that the company with its sophisticated products is on the right track, also shows the considerable growth of the company: within a few months, the number of employees has increased from 12 to 26. The relocation to the larger corporate site has created more room for production and administration to design more sustainable and customer-focused articles.

The charger for all customer needs

Customers value the go-eCharger HOME + for its universal usability, extensive functions and convenient use. With only one device, everything that the electric driver desires is covered: a device for home as well as on the road, which offers full function equipment in a small space. In addition, the chargers from go-e can be used for electric cars from all manufacturers. By using the appropriate adapters, which are also available in the go-e assortment, charging is possible at any socket.

It is also the customer needs that go-e attaches particular importance to in its development activities. Thanks to the practical use and user-specific functions, which also offer customization options, the joy of electric driving gets just a little more interesting.

Premium functionality

The specialty of the charger lies in the high-end equipment, which caters to relatively all customer desires. The core of the equipment is the network capability, which enables SmartHome connections such as Alexa control or, via the open API, a connection to countless inverters of photovoltaic systems in order to use excess PV power specifically for charging e-vehicles. Furthermore, the WiFI functionality in conjunction with the free go-eCharger app, as well as the convenient control and monitoring of the charges, offers innovative ideas such as electricity exchange connection, timer functions and access control in conjunction with RFID technology.

Future-proof with load balancing 

In addition to remote maintenance and online updating capability, load balancing is an indispensable tool for the mobility of tomorrow. A particularly clever function, both for the private sector as well as for business application, which is already integrated in the go-eCharger.

With several electric cars per household, condominium or car park, it is necessary to distribute the electricity. Since building connections are usually not designed for the currents required to charge multiple vehicles, the total load must be regulated. Normal house and building connections would be overloaded with the simultaneous charging of several cars.

With the aid of load balancing, the chargers communicate with each other – ensuring efficient and safe power distribution. For example, a vehicle may be charged first, distributing the power equally among several cars, or to favor charging one vehicle.

Energy management and photovoltaic connection

Another nice extension for intelligent energy management will soon be launched by go-e – the go-eController, which monitors the electrical load in the building. With this module further devices can be integrated into the load balancing system, which need not necessarily be smart home capable, for example, large consumers such as tumble dryers, stoves or boilers. The current flow can be controlled and optimized by means of a controller: for example, the charger receives less power to charge the car while cooking in the kitchen.

Even for owners of photovoltaic systems, the controller is a fine thing: E-vehicles can be supplied with excess power from the PV system.

Next step: charging solutions for the public sector

go-e also wants to help shape the world of e-mobility with other products that offer the highest degree of user-friendliness: for example, a charger for residential buildings and multi-storey car parks should soon be brought to market, as well as charging stations for public charging. In terms of development activity, the concept of sustainability has also been taken into account with these products, which has a special significance for the Carinthian company.

Young Carinthian company mixing up the charging scene

The company, founded in 2015 by a kickstarter campaign, presents itself for the first time at the IAA.

After just three years, the small start-up go-e from the beautiful Carinthian countryside has developed into an SME with highly innovative charging solutions. “It all began with a friction roller drive for bicycles,” recalls Frank Fox, founder and former managing director. However, just one year after the introduction of the first charging box for electric cars, the business has turned and today develop, produce and sell now 28 employees primarily high-end charging technology up to 22kW.

Further distribution in Europe

A success story that has now given the young company a Europe-wide dealer network of over 200 partners, including big names such as Reichelt Elektronik and Alltron. So what is behind the secret of success? What is the difference between go-eCharger and many others who have already established themselves on the market? First and foremost, it is because go-e offers holistic concepts and, from the start, it has been possible to bring in a great deal of personal experience in e-mobility. In addition, it quickly became a veritable community, which is in close contact with the young developer and co-founder Peter Pötzi and ensures that the practicality is constantly improved.

High functionality not only for electronics freaks

And with that we are already among the specialties of the small functional giants. Because similar to Tesla also the owners of previously sold models benefit from the developments via the integrated update function. This and many other functions are made possible by the WiFi function of the go-eCharger and the associated possibility of integrating the device into the smart home network. “It opens up worlds” as Peter Pötzi can attest to. “Imagine that the device is hacking into the electricity exchange, determining the prices of the next 24 hours and charging at exactly the right time”. That’s one of the charger’s USPs. This is made possible in cooperation with the Viennese partner aWATTar, who passes on the electricity price on the stock exchange 1:1 to its customers. But other benefits are possible through the use of smart home. Thus, surplus electricity from the PV system can be better utilized and thus significantly increases the amortization. Start, stop and timer functions can be operated from anywhere and a crucial point that makes a charging box even future proof, the power load for the building can be controlled targetedly. An indispensable function if a second electric car is to come to it at some point. “Therefore, you should be aware that high equipment is not a gimmick for electronics enthusiasts,” says new CEO Vincent Marbe.

Strong growth

Wherever the journey should go, the company is impressive in its current developments. Currently working on the PRO version whose function prototype will be presented for the first time at the IAA. While the HOME +, which has been available for two years, is more suitable for home users who simply plug the device into a three-phase socket without installation costs and can load it with all adapters on the road using adapters, the PRO version is primarily designed for use in underground and multi-storey parking facilities. This will be followed by a load management controller in quick succession in order to be able to better map the total load of buildings and PV systems, as well as a charging station for charging in public areas. And last but not least, there is also the ONwheel, the friction roller motor, with which the company was able to celebrate its first major success and which should be put on the road in 2020 in a completely revised version. In order to be able to reproduce the rapid growth, the move to a 7,000 sqm administrative and production area was already timely set the course.