If the LEDs of the charger are no longer lit, you can check the fine-wire fuse on the back of the charger and replace it if necessary. You can also plug the charger into another socket.

Type 2 cable blocked:

If the type 2 cable is not unlocked after stoping the charging-progress or can’t be detached from the go-e Charger: Please check in your app that the “cable unlock” function is not set to “always locked”. If that is not the case, make sure that the type 2 cable is fully inserted (up to the stop) into the charger. Then disconnect the charger from the socket and connect it again. The cable should be unlocked after 60 seconds at the latest.

Car does not charge at full power:

The car’s battery is either near to full or too cold. Therefore the charging capacity is automatically limited.

FI error:

Here the charging current can be reduced but the socket used can also be checked. The charger can also be tested at another socket.

Der go-eCharger HOME+ ist eine mobile 22 kW Wallbox-Alternative mit Typ 2 Stecker, FI-Schutzschalter und WLAN.